Diabetes: How Hippocrates saved me.

2 Nov 2018
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Health challenges:  Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Atrial Fibrillation, Sleep Apnea, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Fasciitis Tendon pain, Heel Spurs, Constipation, Sexual Inactivity, Brain Fog, Diabetes, Leg Neuropathy, Loss of Feeling in Feet, Failing Eyesight, 7 Medications, etc.

Hippocrates helped me get rid of: Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Atrial Fibrillation, Sleep Apnea, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Fasciitis Tendon pain, Heel Spurs, Constipation, Sexual Inactivity, Brain Fog, Diabetes, Leg Neuropathy, Loss of Feeling in Feet, Failing Eyesight, 7 Medications and getting better every day.

I am no writer, but please bear with me, as you read this I believe you will find your story entangled in mine for we all have the same dreams and aspirations and are all looking for our road map in Life.

My name is Frank Di Mauro and my story starts in January of 1959. I was born to Italian immigrant parents that moved to Canada.  My parents had gone thru the Second World War the families struggled to find where their next meal was coming from. I mention the previous so that the readers can understand my parents when they would make statements like the one my father would make saying “I will never go hungry again”. This was the attitude in our house. Food was to be revered, cherished, celebrated and never wasted. Leftovers? No such thing. We were told to eat everything that was on the plate whether we liked it or not. We were told stories of the war and how people starved to death and how hard my parents worked to put food on the table, any scraps were frozen so that we could use them later in soups.

I grew up at a time when we would play outside, not at a computer or Gameboy. Come rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine playing hide and seek, adventuring in the nearby Creek, hockey; this was how we spent our time. Work was manual, so keeping ourselves fit was not a trip to the Gym put a day long activity. Food was more natural my Father had a garden, Uncles and Aunts had gardens Neighbors had gardens and all would share and trade fruits were ripe and vegetables bursting with flavour. At that time food companies were just starting to make processed items, yet I remember the lure of Captain Crunch Cereal kept calling from the store shelves as I pushed the cart for my mother.

As the never ending losing battle for time crept along I found myself with a family and increasing responsibilities as well. Work became more managerial than manual and the weight started to slowly creep up and up and up. I opted to try diets and believe me they all worked for a time. I think they all work just long enough for the check to clear for the program. I tried Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, The Physicians Diet, Dr. Bernstein Diet and several more that both my wife and I paid for with great starting results and always ending with ultimate failure and gaining even more weight. These were all calorie restrictive type diets that never spoke to why we eat? What do we get from food? Where are the nutrients your body needs and more than just food where is the support for your brain. Yes your brain no one should be on a diet! We should all be on a LIFESTYLE that provides energy, nutrition and health for our Mind, Body and Soul.

In my 30’s there was so much to do with kids and family that I would not pay attention to my health and weight gain. All I would do is... purchase larger clothes. I actually purchased a leather hole punch so that I could add more holes to my belt. Not only did I use this tool, but other members of my family would ask to use it. This seemed to be normal as I watched friends and family struggle with exactly the same issues and not give it another thought. The topic at many family functions was not what vacation spot we were intending to visit next but rather which diet was everyone following at that time.

In my 40’s after hitting the 300 pound mark there was the obvious weight gain and further increases in clothing sizes. I was on several medications as well as using a cpap unit when I slept. To add to mine and my family’s stress there were several episodes of Atrial Fibrillation that came on with no notice some waking me up from my sleep and then taken by ambulance to the hospital. For those who don’t know, it’s when your heart goes out of rhythm and the medical industry’s fix is usually interveinal drugs, but in my case after the drugs didn’t work the hospital Doctors would put me under and use the paddles that everyone sees on TV to stop your heart from fibrillating with a several hundred volt shock and then restart it with a second shock, essentially rebooting system. On 4 occasions my heart stopped and did not restart right away, essentially I was dead, so the Doctors had to keep shocking me until my heart restarted leaving me with pain in my chest area as if kicked by a Mule, and electrical square shaped burn marks on my left chest and side. When opening my eyes from these procedures it was always the same bedside manner with the doctor hovering over me looking skittish saying “welcome back we almost lost You” followed up by 4 to 6 hours of sitting around the hospital just to make sure I would not relapse.

In My 50’s after several more episodes of Atrial Fibrillations and now being a full blown Diabetic on the maximum dose of Metformin per day, Blood pressure medication, Rat Poison medically known as Coumadin, Lipitor and pain killers for arthritis and sciatica and upcoming prostate issues and my doctor telling me that he had to move me to an injectable insulin medication, I was at my wit’s end. With the badgering and help of my friend Carmine that had helped many others with chronic illnesses he adjusted my rudder and headed me to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach.

Wow what an adventure at Hippocrates Health Institute. I didn’t know what to expect was this going to be an expensive weight loss program? Was it going to be another buy our product pitch? Was it going to help me? How could these people, Nurses and Doctors and program directors know anything of what I was going through, what my story was what special needs I had, it didn’t appear so.  What I found was a welcoming staff from the gate guard saying hello, to the welcome to reception at Wigmore Hall, to the chefs, program directors and therapists all across the 50 Acres compound. This place was electric, there was something in the air. How could so many people fighting chronic life and death situations be so open giving loving? This was not coming from the staff alone, but also from the Guests of Hippocrates. There was never tense moment, there was a feeling of community, a deep sharing of each other’s stories an openness that allowed people to share a feeling and love for your fellow human being.

Many people may think that Hippocrates is just about the food but the food is just a tool. I feel the main reason Hippocrates works is the information bestowed on each guest from the many years of Hippocrates Health Institutes experience tried and true methods that work.

I took Hippocrates to heart and opened my mind and soul to all of the experiences from the Florida Sunshine to sharing toasts of green juice and shots of wheatgrass in the hut. I attended every lecture I could across the campus and decided I would actually give this place a chance and play along...I wasn't expecting miracles.

BUT WAIT, HOLD THE PHONE!! What’s happening? I started losing weight daily, my first week I was down 17 pounds. Six days into my 3 week Life Transformation Program and my blood sugar level is at 5.7 (102 for my American friends), that’s completely normal! It was already a far cry from the 14 (400 in US numbers) the morning of my flight down to Hippocrates. With the help of Andy and Anthony the resident therapists my mind was clearing from the sadness that had plagued me since my cousin death. The Pure Wave QRS therapy sessions in the Oasis building helped my sciatic nerve and back pain, who knew magnetic resonance technology could do so much! The technologies were also helping my diabetes and opening my blood cells and recharging my cells again  ....all I can say is WOW. I was in wonderland I wanted more. Since I have always had a hard time getting to and staying asleep I tried the Oasis Nucalm Therapy which put me to sleep within a minute and slept right through the 30 minute session feeling refreshed and full of energy for my next appointment. Wouldn't you want to try this? There are simply too many therapies offered here to describe you need to go and relish it for yourself.

I could go on and on about my cholesterol dropping within 3 weeks by half, my blood sugar staying completely normal for the duration and losing 50 yes 50 pounds by the morning of my flight out, to date I have lost 80 pounds and feeling great my Doctor has taken me off all medications and has asked me about Hippocrates and is now interested in attending himself.

I end my story with this thought, let food be thy medicine and let Hippocrates be thy map for without guidance we will be led down a path that benefits others not ourselves.

Love you all Frank

The Hippocrates Diabetes Program

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